13 Jun

about the Visit Talbot website

The Visit Talbot website is a initiative of Talbot Action Inc & Talbot Farmers Market Inc.

The primary purpose is to provide useful information about Talbot and nearby areas of interest to prospective visitors and others interested in the Talbot area.

A special thank you to the many community members who have contributed time, information, copy and photographs to this website.

Photographs thanks to: Neil Newitt, Tiffany Titshall, Rose Hardress, Leah George, Julian Kennard, Jayne Newgreen & Talbot Museum.

Website copy thanks to: Lynette Webb.

Much of this website draws upon information previously available at www.talbottourism.org, a past initiative of Talbot Tourism Inc.

If you have any questions, suggestions or updates please email: info@visittalbot.com.au.